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Black Lives Ta Nahisi Coates Between the World and Me
Black Lives
Fused glass with Powder
9" X 12"

Black Lives
This glass piece was created with glass, powder and design includes prefired forms, and many powder paintings and firings with windows of the imagination. It is a new direction for me with more texture and depth than previous works.

*Black Lives*The idea of "Black Lives" came from a book, "Between the World and Me" written by Ta Nahisi Coates, an author with whom I was familiar because of his writing about black issues in the Atlantic magazine. The book is a long letter to his 15 year old son about the author’s experience growing up black It won the Pulitzer prize for non-fiction in 2015. I have reflected on the legacy of the many decades of slavery and suppression related to skin color which is different than the legacy of more recent immigrants.
Generations of slave and forced labor - Black Lives.